Paternity fraud seems to have become the new norm among couples in recent times, and some women have become so shameless as to own up to the fact that they cheated on their spouses for reasons a lot of us do not care about.

The painful part of this disgusting act is the fact that some good men are victims of these ugly acts. Some who can’t stand the pain of their partner’s actions die of shock, and some who are able to stand the shock might not get their lives in one piece anymore.

They end up becoming beasts. The fact that some of these women walk free without any iota of remorse is what I still don’t get. Where did they keep their conscience?
Oh,I get! Some would say that if a woman can accept an illegitimate child, the man should accept her own too.

Excuse me? Are witches or wizards drumming on your brains or what? Or I should ask if you’re suffering from analysis paralysis.

What happened to the joy of marriage, regardless of the ups and downs it comes with? What happened to the exchange of vows on that beautiful day?
It is an insane thing to make baseless comparisons when the truth is stirring in our faces.

If you love your ex so much, why not wait until he’s ready rather than make an innocent man who is working his ass off to make ends meet suffer such trauma?

I won’t be wrong to say some people have a penthouse in hell, where they should be chilling eventually.

It’s the audacity of some women threatening to expose their husbands simply because of something he did illegally that was obviously for their own good. Well, you might say it’s illegal.

Madam,expose me together, we’ll descend.

I am aware of how devoted, thoughtful, and loving fathers can be to their kids.

Paternity fraud is not what decent men deserve!

Perhaps someone is wondering whether “bad men” deserve paternity fraud.

I’ll let you determine the solution on your own.

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