Politics they say is a game of numbers, and a game that needs all strategies put under check to know which best suits a given situation per time. The end game being to win with great margins, one that will make it difficult for those on the losing side to challenge the legitimacy of such win.

As define by one of the greatest scholars, Politics is “who gets what, when, and how” Harold Lasswell. The what simply signifies the position under contention, the when can be be refer to the day of any given election and the HOW!! happens to be the mystical aspect of major elections around the globe and that of Nigeria can not be exempted.

Every country has its peculiarities and how people behave in the quest to take power, election processes thus, differ from place to place. In ordinary terms, the HOW in Harold’s definition should be the legal way that involves duly registered voters lining up for accreditation and subsequently voting for the candidate of their choice and awaiting the announcement of the winner. The above sounds easy and doable. However the situation in most African nation is different.

Prior to the 2015 general elections in Nigeria, a group of opposition parties came together to form a new party, this led to the Victory of president Muhammadu Buhari after many times of trial. Without that coalition, the possibility of such win would have been slim, as the incumbent had everything in their control except of course they did not expect the type of influence the new party was gaining.
That victory then, showed that a third force can be an alternative in situations with uncertainties.

CAN A THIRD FORCE work in Kogi state in the coming governorship election?
The all progressives Congress (APC) is having a jolly day as the ruling party, with many candidates whom have shown interest in being the flag bearer of the party in the coming governorship election.

Many of those who purchased the form are serving government officials including the Deputy governor of the state his excellency chief David Onoja, the chief of staff to the governor, Pharm. Jamiu Asuku, the Auditor general of the state and many others. People from outside the state who work in different organizations including the Deputy national publicity secretary of the APC Alhaji Murtala Ajaka also are in the race for this position.

The governor in his wisdom had not publicly named a successor, but speculations suggest that his body language shows that his choice at the end of the day may not favour the people from Kogi East. The governor was however quoted to have made statements regarding the person that will succeed him not coming from outside his team but from those whom have worked with him in the cause of his administration.

The People’s Democratic party, the supposed main opposition in the state has not been really active in the last seven year. Their leaders have not been showing capacity as expected of an opposition party. So many government policies that were hurtful to the people where not seen challenge either through official statements or mass peaceful and lawful protest by the opposition PDP.

This has made the people loose so much faith in them and their ability to secure the Governorship seat. Recall that power was taken from them too in 2015 during the general elections, power that they have been struggling to get back.
The PDP ticket is most likely going to senator Dino Milaye. Dino happens to be the most versatile candidate the party as of today, his influence within the party is high, he is equally loved by his people and his popularity across the three senatorial District is something no one can argue about. Thus, the tendency of senator Dino emerging as the flag bearer of the PDP is also high.

That brings me to the need for a third force if Kogi East Should take back power in the coming governorship election. The best bet will be the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP).
The NNPP is a northern accepted party as a brain child that has the tendency of spreading. Their performance in Kano state makes it clear that in the nearest future it can become a party to bargain with when it comes to national elections. I know some will say why not Labour party.

For a state like Kogi, the possibility of Labour party gaining such followership that will make it win the governorship election is slim. Kwankwaso has more influence on the people of Kogi East given his relationship with their political leader Late Prince Abubakar Audu. This can replicate into gathering support for the party when if it presents a popular and credible candidate from Kogi East if the two major party decide not to zone such to that region.

All the party need do is pick a deputy from Kogi west and find some alliance in the central senatorial District. This will be the best bet for the people of Kogi east to lay hands on power if at all the ruling party And the PDP does not zone the ticket to their region.

The NNPP has more financial strength and affinity as compared to other parties that may filed candidates aside the PDP. This also can be an out of the book alliance for other parties to throw their support behind the NNPP as to come up with a third force in Kogi state.

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