There has been this low-key war about women and their kitchens.

After the bedroom, the kitchen is another sensitive place where one needs to be extremely careful about who has access to it.

A good percentage of women don’t really like anyone going into their pots to dish food for themselves. Well, you won’t blame them 100%. The evil that has thrived in recent times has made people even more alert.

Every woman already has a mental picture of how she wants to run her household, and when she eventually gets one, it becomes a reality for her, and she’d want to implement whatever mental picture she already had. But then, it has caused misunderstandings among in-laws (particularly between a brothers In-law and a sisters in-law who is married).

A lot of people feel insulted when asked not to go to the pot to serve themselves. For some, it’s not a problem when the food has been packed into portions and refrigerated (it can be easily microwaved).

However, it’s still a problem for some.
Inasmuch as I wouldn’t want anyone gaining access to my kitchen because of some familiarity or something, boundaries should be set to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. Yea! its possible boundaries are set, but some will still cross them.

Boundaries should be set. It’s my house, and I make the rules!

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  1. The kitchen is an empire and the empress aways ready to unleash hell to make sure her kitchen is in her know meaning everything and anything that goes in or come out she is aware,the forth of light is we should all know our boundaries in people’s houses/home irrespective of the relationship we have with them..more winnings to the kitchen warriors


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