I actually smile when people think Karma isn’t a bitch, as has been said.

People with a dead conscience who treat people with a genuine heart badly think they will eat their cake and have it.

The outcome of their evil acts might not be known to anyone, but then, they wage a low-key battle with what we don’t know.

Its not enough to act all happy outside and go back home feeling this emptiness with pain. I’ve yet to see what is more deadly than having your inner peace and joy taken away from you.

It takes an extra effort to get these two back.

I remember saying something in my mind, out of pain, and concluding that he’d never have peace and he would never get someone like me again.

I’m guessing you might want to say I’m mean.

I left and moved on. This person in question met his pastor, and his pastor told him what I said from the place of pain. He needed to make things right with me as I was the “one.”

No amount of Jupiter will make me go back to him. Not after all I’ve been through at his hands. I don’t want to end up as a divorcee. Life is beautiful regardless.

A year later or so, he called me to check on me and said we needed to talk.

We got to talking, and I told him his pastor was right. I actually forgave him, but I don’t want to be in a relationship with him or end up getting married to him.

I won’t deny the fact that sometimes I miss us and want us back. But on a second thought, I don’t want someone who would wake up one morning to tell me the marriage is over. I don’t see myself in such a situation. I come from a very happy home, and I’d want to duplicate such in my own home. Should I say he was dumped by the girl he “left” me for?

Somehow he was filled with regrets about his decisions, even when I cautioned him. The lady who left him told him the two of us were meant for each other.

She went through our chats, and she could feel the connection between us. I’m sure you’d be wondering why he didn’t clear our chats. No, not everyone does that.

Well, we are history now, and he keeps wishing he could turn back the hands of time, but that’s not possible.

This is someone who seems to be supportive, one who makes me look stupid when I vent my anger like a mad person, and he’d still tell me sorry on top of it because he was at fault. To lie is a problem. It won’t take you five seconds to catch him. Such people are rare.

However, I don’t want to marry him out of pity. Even if I will, I want that love restored fully.

Even if the love is being restored, what happens to the fact that my mom and sisters were always in the picture? It got to the point that my mom didn’t want to hear his name again, and we had issues.

The deed has been done, and there’s no turning back.

Karma is truly a bitch. Till date, he’s yet to be in a relationship; expect to hear about it tomorrow.

Be careful how you treat good people.


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