I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a while. We were set to go down forever with each other.

I didn’t know my village people were just waiting for me. Plans were still on after my introduction for the wedding.

I was still enjoying my leave when my aunt called to ask me to come help her look after her kids. She was traveling. I accepted and stayed with them until she returned.

If anyone had told me she was going to see my boyfriend, I wouldn’t believe it. She returned, and I went to see my soon-to-be husband. The man around whom I’ve built my world

I had my own keys to the house. I already told him I was coming, and it wasn’t a problem. I became bored; there was no light, so I decided to watch movies with his laptop.

I didn’t know what took my hand away from the pictures. Lo and behold, I saw my aunt squatting naked on his bed. I saw more pictures. Somebody should wake me up, please.

It was like I was dizzy. I had to relax and check again. What in God’s name did I just see?

I called him in anger, he came back home, and I asked him questions. I didn’t wait for a response before leaving.

My world came crashing down before me. No explanation was going to help the situation at hand. I told the family members what happened, and I called off the wedding.

He pleaded with me to give him listening ears, but I bluntly refused. I blocked him everywhere. He had my mail, so he kept sending me messages.

At that point, nothing was making sense to me. I wasn’t coping at work; nothing was sweet for me.

I wish it was with a total stranger these whole thing happened with. My sanity was messed up. I wasn’t sick, but I was sick.

I’ve heard of cases like this, but never for once did I imagine it would happen to me.

Its my aunt we are talking about here. She’s suppose to be a mother figure too since my parents passed on. I placed curses on her. The more I saw her,the more I wanted her dead. I had to relocate before I do something stupid and end up in jail.

I left for a very far state to start up my life again.

He sent a message to my friend. She didn’t want to meddle in our affairs, even though she pleaded with me to hear him out. I was bent on doing my will.

I started fresh with a business. Since nobody knew me, it was easy to pick up. Gradually, I was over everything.

It wasn’t a smooth ride for At some point, I began to hear gossip. I tried not to let that overwhelm me.

After much pleading, I decided I’d hear him out. He explained what happened. It wasn’t the first time she’d come over to his house. It was complicated, and he was going to tell me, but the risk was too great. He wasn’t sure I’d believe him. It was already too late. I moved on.

Years later, my aunt became so sick to the point of death. She wanted to confess to me, but I told her to go to hell. After much pleading, I paid attention to her confessions. She said the same thing my ex said. This woman ruined one of the most precious things that could have happened to me.

Maybe I was wrong not to have listened to him. No one in my shoes would do the same. Well, the deed was done, and everyone has moved on. As for my so-called aunt, I hope she rots in hell.


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