Either you’re smart or you will be smacked. I’ve always wanted to be a beauty queen. I’d always pay for pageantry registration, but whenever I did, there was always an obstacle. It’s either exams or exams. The last one I registered for finally clicked, even though…

So I registered and realized there was more to it. I’d sell tickets and get sponsors. Excuse me, I thought the organizers were supposed to have all these in place. Well, I still sorted myself out. I barely knew anyone. Anyone I was referred to wanted something in return (sex).

What comes to mind is, “What happens after I win?” What if I hear she used her pussyfoot to get the crown? I made sure I did the right thing.

My friend in school told me she had someone who was ready to help, but I know how far these things go. Several times while in the room, they’d make fun of me. Say all manner of rubbish about girls who go for pageantry using their pussycat to win.

Well, this is life. Whether you are guilty or innocent, people will accuse you either way. I’m not justifying the acts.

So, it was time for the audition, and I couldn’t meet up with Abuja. So, since Akwa Ibom was close to Enugu, I opted for Akwa Ibom. Finally, I arrived there, and it was just me. Lol! The so-called CEO wanted a relationship.

How do you call me “daughter” and still want to have your way with me? Thank God for stubbornness and being strong willed. I declined. Who does that?

I did my audition and headed back to Enugu. The CEO made it look like he was doing me a favor by following up on me, I paid my camp fees. It was almost time, and I was scammed online. (cash flip). Don’t call me greedy. I had things to sort out, so I needed money. It was held in Abuja. I arrived in Abuja and went to my friend’s place. I wasn’t going to attend because I hadn’t sold any tickets.

My friend cautioned me,she told me not to second guess myself, helped me sell some, and I was finally going to attend.

I arrived at camp, and the dude was giving me an attitude. It’s not like I cared anyway, because I knew I’d hear stories as time went on.

We did exercises every morning and other camp activities. Queen Mother would always advise we don’t sell ourselves out for tickets. The least we could do was try our best.

I opted to cook for everyone. Some were seeing it as right, so I stopped. Meanwhile, I established relationships with some girls. We bonded, and talks began to flow.

Everyone shared their experiences. Wait! How do you promise all your contestants the main crown? Thank God some were wise, but rumors have it that some were taking turns.

His younger brother, who was acting all bossy, saw me. I greeted him and passed. Minutes later, he sent for me. We got talking, and he was making sense.

I noticed his calls were becoming more frequent, and I was no longer comfortable with them. I went one last time, and he asked me to wash his shirts and singlet. He told me to see it as a privilege because not everyone washes for him.

I subtly told him I didn’t see any camp rules stating we are to be washing for officials, and also, I’m not here for slavery,but a contest. Dude was shocked at my confidence level. He kept sending for me, and I’d always decline. At some point, I’d yell at Olamide not to ever call me.

It was embarrassing for him. It was morning when our paths crossed, and I greeted them like nothing had happened. He asked how many tickets I’d sold. I told him, and he said it was poor. He said he wanted to help me, but I’m being stubborn, and he likes people like me.

This guy is yet to get the memo. I smiled mischievously and moved. Irene was watching me. I saw her as a threat. because she was all out and had the whole vibe. She’s intelligent too.

I looked at all of them and called them “set-up queens” because they kept saying they haven’t sold out reasonable amounts of tickets. Everyone kept it on the down low.

One said she was scared of me because of my guts, and that’s the reason she’s calling me a setup queen.

The big day was here, and everyone was all dressed up. We already knew what to do before then. My best friend was present too. This guy (the younger brother) authoritatively asked her to see him before she left.

She told me, and I was going to confront him. She’s not in his league of girls. She asked me to ignore

I told Irene about it, and she laughed.

Finally, there was a winner. Before the event proper, let’s call her Rona. She was making calls to add to what she already had so she could win.

And boom, that was how she overtook Juliet (not her real name) and became the winner.

I won a crown to represent the north.

Guess what? We were all lodged in a room, not minding how many we were. Some slept on the couch, some on the floor, and some clustered on the bed.

The winner slept in the queen’s mother’s room.

The next day, we were addressed before living with some ridiculous conditions. conditions like I look for sponsors, and they get 20% of whatever money the sponsor gives.

We’d pay for the company’s letterhead paper (five thousand), and it will be sent to our mailboxes.

More uncomfortable rules kept coming up, and we had to speak out. Along the line, I was called a virus (I didn’t care, the truth hurts). Some were suspended; it’s not like the pageantry was worth it or had any platform to give.

I felt we all just wasted our time and money. It was a learning process for me, and I know better.

No official pictures exist. The so-called official page was “unofficial.”

Another advertisement was made from them, and Irene reached out to me. We needed to call them out because the prizes they promised the winner weren’t given to her, not even the trip to any African country of her choice. You should know the fate of the runner up  now.

On a second thought, I asked her to ignore. Most greedy upcoming pageant organizers are self-centered. I’m watching to see how far they go.

Another guess? The queen mother pulled of them out according to rumors, and it was true after findings.


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