Working in the bank isn’t an easy job. I’d say it’s the survival of the fittest. One careless mistake could land one in jail or have your name blacklisted if your village people are after you. The worst case is if it involves money.

The fact that one has to resume early was something one had to put up with daily.

I’m a bank employee who has been dedicated in all I do. I made sure I carried out my assignment or task with the utmost sense of urgency. Aside from personal reasons, I had this colleague of mine I was crushing on then, so I’d make sure I met up so that during any internal meeting, I’d be paired with him… You can call me naughty, but then…

I try my possible best to make sure I meet up with my target. That’s another draining but interesting aspect of the job. Interesting in the sense that one could meet people who could elevate one up or possibly get meet up with targets or some who would want to have their way with you.

I see no reason why I should give in for money that won’t be coming to my account. I’m not trying to encourage immorality of any kind here.

I had my own way of getting what I wanted. It’s left to anyone to believe—not all marketers snooze with clients to meet targets. I had this particular one who was going to give me some funds after going back and forth with him. He wrote me a check for two million naira to start with. I made that particular organization my second home to source clients there.

Little did I know that it was going to land me in trouble. It was evening, and I was on my way home when the ugly incident happened. I was trying to board a tricycle or bike, whichever I saw first, when these guys on bikes made off with my handbag. I had the signed check, my iPhone, and money in it.

Thankfully, I was with a colleague who helped me with transport. I got to work the next day and explained everything that happened. Instead of empathizing with me, some senior colleagues made it look like it was entirely my fault.

Apparently, the thieves were illiterate. It’s been over 24 hours, and no one went to cash the check. The client in question wasn’t ready to make a case out of it, so long as his money was intact. But then I slept in the police cell for two days. It was a horrible experience for me. No one cared if I was harmed or not. not even my missing possessions.

I was released afterwards. I wanted to resign because the humiliation was too much, but my branch manager refused. We were going back and forth on the matter. I made up my mind one morning, made sure I arrived before any other person, handed the resignation letter to the security guy, and made sure he gave it to the branch manager himself. He agreed.

That was how I left and began building my life from scratch again. It hasn’t been rosy, but I’m at peace with where I am at the moment.

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