The year before last,i fantasized about a lot of things. From trips to beautiful tourist countries to luxury cars and a whole lot of good things, my sisters began to laugh at me. Little did I know I was close to a breakthrough.

It all started when I went to see a friend, whom I asked for help. Before then, you could add SAPA BEIN MERCI to my name. Sometimes, I wonder how I’d cope. Loan apps came in handy, but I’d never allow them to embarrass  me by sending messages to my contacts.

Back to what we were saying I went to her for help. We got talking about what was there for when suddenly, one of the attendants in the hangout spot passed me a note. I wasn’t sure what it was, but then she told us our bills were sorted out.

The man said he had a very bad mood and prayed someone would lift his mood. I too had prayed for a helper from God as I stepped out that evening. We had a little chitchat and exchanged contacts. My mind was at peace. I was about to leave when he slipped money into my hands. I said thank you.

I managed to count it; it was ten  thousand naira. Ah! Men in this region would barely do that. Max was a thousand naira (laughs out loud) and that was the least I ever got from him.

He’s  a clear definition of when someone has your interest at heart. He always wants to see me grow in all aspects of my life. He’d also advise me on how to do a lot of things related to life.

He made sure I learned a skill and started a business; he still wants me to learn more skills. He’d rather have me build a business than work on a job after service. He wants me to run my master’s program almost immediately. He feels it will come in handy for me some day. He gave me a car. He’d always want me to be comfortable.

I count myself really lucky to have such a helper come my way. In a generation where a lot of things are going on and where selfishness seems to be a proud name, people will want to be associated with it.

In a nutshell, He’s giving me the life my parents had always wanted to give me, but the circumstances of life wouldn’t let them give me that life.

Indeed, angels are in human form, and I’ve found one.


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