It’s true when they say some relationships are better off as friends instead of lovers.

So this particular guy in question slid into my DM on Instagram after I followed him back to say thank you. Somehow we began to have a conversation. It seems cool because his approach and everything else were quite appealing. We chat most times like we’ve known each other for years. The connection was just there.

Yea, he was the type of person you’d want to go into a relationship with because of his maturity. He popped the question, and the daughter of Zion declined. I wasn’t ready for any emotional torture again. I’ve been out of a relationship for a while, and my friends have always wanted the best for me, knowing all that has happened.

One of them Zara would mold the man of my dreams for me if she had her way. She’d ask who’s on board, like my mom… I told her nobody expected for this guy, who I’m so comfortable with, to tell anything. Not 100% though, but we were cool.

My birthday came, and he got me a cake all the way from Lagos (he looked for one of the best cake vendors in my location) and had it delivered to me with a bottle of wine. It was priceless for me. The taste was great, like my birthday. Oga said he’d have come to me with a ring had it been here and not been occupied. In my head, you wish (smiles). We laughed over it, and we talked about my day.

He was quite supportive of anything that I showed interest in. I’d say he was just the “perfect partner” anyone would want to have in every aspect of life. In words of advice and encouragement, he was there. even when it looked like I wasn’t serious. A lot overwhelmed me then.

His birthday came in December. I made a post, and Zara asked, “How far?” I told her nothing was happening. My friend said she’d write him a note, and I thought she was joking. She followed him on Instagram and slid into his DM. Mind you, she’s married. She sent me the screenshot, and I couldn’t believe it, even though I laughed so hard. I asked, “What if he embarrassed her?” Madam was still firm in her decision, so long as it was me. She didn’t care.

Meanwhile, Oga needed a soft landing. He was in Abuja for a course, and I was there too. We met,talked about a lot because we went silent on each other for months. He was ill, and surgery was suggested. He didn’t want it, and I asked that he go for it, so long as it will make him better. It was during that period that he went AWOL.

So we reconnected, and that was the first time I’d see him in person. He wasn’t bad. pictures didn’t like them, and we moved on. On January 25th, 2020, or so, we began dating. Before then, he’d tell me, “I love you,” and I’d respond in a sisterly way, like, “My heart is agape for you.” The relationship started, and it was beautiful. I had to leave Abuja to accept a job I never imagined doing all my life. He encouraged me to start and see it as a stepping stone.

He told me his story, and I finally listened. I accepted the job, and I wasn’t happy doing it. I just had to because I don’t want to “despise my little beginning.”

His project was on, and he needed a camera. People owing him money had refused to pay up. He began to source for money. He wanted a loan.

I asked my cousin if she could help, and she was like, “Babe, don’t try it.” “My own story didn’t end well,” I told her, and I ignored her. She borrowed money for her ex, and to date, he has left her for another woman. while she paid the debt.

I tried it, but it didn’t work out. We resorted to loaning apps. Lmao. I was able to get something small and pay it at the end of the month. I had some small money in my account and sent it to him. Guy said he’d refund it, and I laughed. I was in love now, and I felt he’d do the same for me. No fears.

February came, and he was around to see me. I was with him. On his way back, I held his phone, and a message popped up reading, “Good morning, baby.” He knew I saw it and told me she was the one asking him out. He didn’t want to turn her off before she committed suicide. Lori iro. I didn’t get the memo.

COVID 19 came, and he just had to look for a way back to Lagos from Abuja because of his health. He got to Lagos, and his health began to deteriorate. He was supposed to have surgery because he didn’t want to risk it because of COVID 19. I tried persuading him, but it didn’t work out.

After a while, he wasn’t picking up my calls or responding to my messages; if he did, he’d tell me the doctor asked him to minimize talking. Here I was praying for his divine healing. One time, his brother picked my call.

I saw a post on a platform to which we both belong, and the end made me curious. The FBI in me was awakened and

He was busy commenting on the pictures of the girl, whom he claimed had asked him out. Wow! Really? I sent a message, and he didn’t respond. I was losing it. I talked with two of my male friends, and they both asked me to let go.

I felt more stupid when I called his sister to ask about his well-being and she didn’t pick up, which was unlike her.

Wait, this guy was always posting my pictures on WhatsApp. Was he always blocking her? Some things weren’t just adding up. I told Zaraz and other friends, and it was heartbreaking. The fear was for me not to go back into my shell. Zara was hurt, but I was hurt more because everything looked like we were all “stupid.”

Well, I paid the debt, and to date I’m not able to tell my cousin what happened because she warned me. I left. My birthday came, and I received a note, part of which read, “I was amazing.” He didn’t deserve it all. I just asked a question. since he won’t answer. I ignored. My day won’t be ruined.

Have I forgiven? I don’t know. Have I forgotten? I can’t say. I loved this guy with everything in me. There was no sex between us for the three and a half months, and I got to realize, “Sex or no sex, a man that wants to stay will stay!”

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