So it happened that on this particular day, a girl dropped a post of a guy insulting her mom because of her tribal marks on a platform to which I belonged. It really got to her, and she wanted us to help show the guy how to respect people’s parents.

As the keyboard warrior that I am, I dropped my comment and tagged a friend who was savage like me. Lol. The attack was too much for the guy, so he blocked us all and deleted the tweet. Tweeter is not for the weak. I was glad my comment made her and her mom laugh, and she mentioned my name on Instagram after we were done.

A lot of them followed each other on Twitter after the saga. One of them slid into my DM on Twitter (I can’t say if he was part of us, but I doubt it), and we got to chatting like we’d known each other for years. It was beautiful. We talked about work and random things in life. He’s fun to be with. It got to the point that I woke up to his messages, and we’d chat into the night after work. Communication was so easy with him.

It continued for months. It was really surprising that he’d be the first to understand my kind of person via chat. He knew my temperament and parts of my love language. Words fail me at this point. Just when some people think I’m difficult. Imagine someone knowing that you don’t need a negative environment to thrive. Even if the environment was negative, positive words were all I needed to stay on track.

Albert was this kind of person. I got to know his temperament too. We were already looking like a beautiful family. I won’t lie; I was already falling in love with him. I stay up north while he’s in Lagos. We agreed to meet in Abuja, but it never happened during the Christmas break. But then, our breaks were short, and we really wanted to spend time together.

Let’s say five days or so in a short time. We’d play games online, and I couldn’t help but ask why we didn’t have each other’s numbers. He said he’d want that when we decided to meet.
I obliged. In between, he told me about going for a course in the UK for six months, after which he’d be back in Nigeria. I was going to miss him.

I was transferred at my place of work to Enugu State, and I didn’t want it. I told him about it. I couldn’t imagine being amidst such power-drunk individuals. I could stone one with my shoes. He advised that I reschedule it if possible since he’s yet to leave the country.

Before then, since we couldn’t meet in December and the heat of COVID-19 was on, he went for a private party at a beach, where he asked if he could make it down to Lagos, and he became infected with COVID-19. He was feeling funny, went to the hospital, and was told to go on isolation. My heart skipped.

Not Albert, please. For a week, there was no response to my chat. Since it was January and his fasting was ongoing, I prayed daily for him.

Finally, he responds to my messages: “Sugar girl, I’m fine.” I was glad my sugar daddy was getting better. (He was 38 years old then.) He explained all that happened. We were supposed to analyze a video he sent me on “The Secret” together. We talked a little about it while he was still receiving treatment.

He left the hospital. Just when the confused HR approved my transfer to Lagos after I told him I had an accommodation, I told Albert, and we were both happy. Oga was already To welcome me. It was being to look like Lagos would make sense. The whole plan was for me to resign and go for what I had passion for, with his  help.

That’s how the transfer didn’t work out again. I’ve never seen bunch of confused management staff like the company I worked for.

He was already preparing to handover to his successor because he was to travel. Before then,there were nights he was getting choked and he won’t tell me,until he was fine. Why? This was someone made made me tell him everything that was wrong with me.

When he tells me, he’ll be like: I don’t want you getting worried. He got back to Lagos from port Harcourt and that was the last I heard from him.

Little did I know that the “bye” he sent to me was for life. I was worried. Its unlike him. I woke to his messages daily. I dropped messages,no response. I felt something went wrong with him.

Months later,I saw his tweet on his timeline.

Weeks later,I sent his a message. Till date,no response. I told my colleagues about it and no one could wrap their heads around it.

One of my sisters wasn’t so comfortable with me going to his house to stay,considering the fact that we don’t have each others contacts. Something was fishy.

Was he married? I can’t say. I saw something like a wedding band on his fingers but it wasn’t so clear. I felt it was one of those fancy rings. Albert had used my picture as his display picture on twitter before.

I won’t lie, I miss him. I wish I could have us back. I checked and  I discovered he unfollowed me on Twitter, and I did the same.

What really went wrong?


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