Circumstances have a way of drawing one back from enjoying the good things of life. The fact that most people have become fragile at heart tends to lead them to fall into depression. Mimi❤🖤

Being fragile at heart is not something that just begins to develop instantly. It’s like a silent killer disease. When a particular situation recurs or there’s trouble somewhere, the individual tends to fall into depression.

For someone like me, the day I learned about emotional disease and all it entailed was the very day I made up my mind to fight it with everything in me. Life is too beautiful for one to allow circumstances to weigh one down. If not for anything else, considering that there’s hope no matter how long it takes,

Also, the fact that one has a lot to achieve and is surrounded by positive people is another factor to keep pushing.

Back to emotional disease: there is generally a wide range of conditions that affect moods, behavior, and thinking. For me, I’d say PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) seems to be the worst of all. It takes forever to recover from it, depending on the events that took place.

You have fear, worry, anxiety, hopelessness, low self-esteem, rejection, depression, and sometimes psychosis to deal with.

Yeah, depression is not a reason to take one’s life because, in the end, everyone will move on. What is left will just be memories of you. Some will eventually forget about you, until it’s time for “remembrance” andf ater that day, normal activities will resume.

I’ve come to realize that HOPELESS is one reason people with depression or any form of emotional disease take their lives. They feel nothing is worth living for. Yes! They are right. I felt that way too. There were times I prayed for death to take me away. But on a second thought, I looked back at the things I really want to achieve for myself, my beautiful family, and my friends. It was like some loved me more than I loved myself.

Repeated disappointment is another reason why emotional diseases affect people. Some people fail to understand that a lot of great people have, in one way or another, faced disappointments at various stages of their lives. Imagine they killed themselves in the process; I doubt we’d see some of their inventories that the upcoming generation has built on to make it better and better.

Most depressed people fail to understand that nothing will work against you if you’re not against yourself. Yea, sometimes we don’t have control of all these things, but we can find ways around them. It takes a whole lot of strength, courage, and grace to keep running the race, no matter the obstacles one faces in life.

Sometimes we are carried away by people’s achievements, and we begin to question why some things are working against us. We forget that “behind the scene is not always or never beautiful.”

We see the stars in people, but we don’t care to see their scars.

The healing process of emotional disease is not something that will heal in a month or two. It might take years. So long as you don’t allow fear, worry, anxiety, hopelessness, low self-esteem, rejection, depression, and sometimes psychosis to take hold of you, you’d definitely overcome, even though the thought of it will always flash through.

I’d always say the process is not easy, but as long as you have the right and positive people around you, you’ll definitely overcome.

We don’t have eons to achieve our goals and visions. Emotional diseases should not be the reason we become suicidal.

I’d still repeat that the healing process is not a day’s job. But I hope anyone going through emotional diseases, especially from the angle of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, keeps hope alive.

Sending love and light to everyone battling with emotional diseases of any kind, aside from PTSD. I hope you find healing soonest. You’re strong and brave, and you will overcome.

“Love from a survivor.”


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