I’m a theater and performing arts graduate from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. I had this mindset of becoming a megastar in the movie industry or getting a very well-paying government job.

It dawned on me really that to get that good paying job, I’d have to pay for it in millions, which I don’t have, and I don’t have a godfather to help me push to get it. The available ones were not what I wanted for myself. I did some rough calculations and discovered I was left with almost nothing after I attended an interview after my NYSC.

I’m a young lady who likes to look good and save money. I didn’t see all of that happening to me if I accepted that offer.

The movie industry was survival of the fittest, something I won’t want to talk about now.

I thought of going into business, something I’d never imagined before. I’m not business-inclined from the start, but somehow I manage to pull through.

I started with plain and pattern fabrics. I made some profits from it. I began to do the business as a whole sale. I had customers.

It was time to relocate, and I needed to change businesses. I was still on “plain and simple.” I added shoes to it, but I wasn’t getting much profit from the shoe business. I managed to sell out the ones I had.

In the process, someone advised I go into thrift store sales. I accepted. But then it dawned on me that you’re on your own in this life. Not everyone wants to show you the way.

It wasn’t a smooth ride when I started selling thrift.

I’ve lost money countless times from the wrong purchase of bale. Sometimes, it was like purchasing rags. I was robbed in the process. Crazy funny experiences that will make you have a rethink about the business.

I’d ask questions about getting the right ones. I joined several groups online. all to no avail. People were just greedy. Like we’re not in same location,I won’t steal your customers from you.

There were times I cried and prayed to God to help me get the right wardrobe. I kept pushing, and luckily for me, a woman explained to me online all I needed to know. Where to get the right ones and how to sell them She was a dealer.

I decided to patronize her, and it began to make sense. In no time, I knew how to make my order directly, get it

shipped to me, and make my sales. And most delivery companies would mostly decline because of harassment. Despite this, we still found a way to get things done.

The cost of shipping and the waybill was something else that was a challenge.

All in all, I’d say one of the best decisions I’ve ever made was venturing into this business.

Through this business, I’m able to get myself beautiful things I want.

I’ve rented a shop and house from my business in a beautiful part of Port Harcourt city. I still look forward to the beautiful things I’d do from this business.

And hey! I didn’t just start and blow overnight. It was draining at the earliest stage, but I trusted the process.

The nights I cried and prayed to God are not left out.  They actually paid off.

At some point, local dispatch riders would frustrate you. They won’t do the needful, so one has customers to contend with. The impatient ones will always be there, and they can be a pain in the ass.

I’ve built my clientele to a reasonable number, and I’m still building and will keep building.

Consistency and integrity are what have kept me going, and people are not scared to refer me because whoever comes my way gets value for their money.

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